Why I Had To Buy My Mum New Dentures

I was preparing for the night’s sleep when I heard some loud cries and heavy footsteps running from all around towards one corner of the drawing room. I immediately rushed out and saw my 1 year old nephew standing and grinning by holding a silver white cup in his hands. I instantly recognized it: my mother’s denture leaning cup!

He had come to visit us for the first time after his birth. Though all were laughing, it turned into uneasiness when we came to know that he actually drank the solution meant to soak the denture. Not only that, the denture was lying on the floor and its condition clearly showed the remnants of his attack of possibly trying to break it.

It was unfit for use now for sure, but I confronted my mother of doing such a careless act, for which she said that it came out. She had just started using denture creams and that came as a surprise. The reason led me to think Is denture wafer beter than cream.

On the first hand, she never completely approved the idea of keeping dentures in place of the too many decayed teeth. She didn’t feel comfortable with cream applied on the denture as it left a slimy and foreign taste in her mouth.

Now, my mother switched to denture creams when she had a tough time fitting and removing for cleaning her denture with brushes and often forgetting to rinse it. Creams could also keep the colour and texture of the dentures well enough for mother to feel comfortable about the artificial attachment her gums were holding.

Anyways, the next day itself I bought her a new denture and this time, paired it with denture wafer and a snack wafer for my hungry nephew. I hope now my mother finds it exciting to use her artificial teeth kept well in place.

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