What’s in a Handbag?

Handbags are more often one of the most coveted accessories in a woman’s wardrobe. A modern woman’s look is seldom complete without this fashionable luggage in tow- be it a tote or a purse or a clutch, a handbag completes the look and becomes a statement by itself. This is probably why some of the best- known fashion houses in the world like Gucci, Hermes, Birkin, Fendi, Luis Vuitton, Prada etc., made a mark selling these very important women’s fashion accessories.

The importance of a handbag, many claim, is the result of clever marketing. While this is true in some ways, bags have no doubt been regarded as highly necessary and have catapulted many a star into high- profile fashionistas.The right choice of a handbag spells comfort, confidence, and security for most of us women. A handbag is not just a dump of things that we need to carry when we go out; it is highly necessary to conceal important stuff for survival in the modern jungle while revealing and reflecting our moods, attitude, and sense of fashion and pride.

What makes a handbag iconic is not just the label/ the pedigree but also the quality of the bag, its craftsmanship and aesthetics. It is a treat to own and very alluring to the eye simply because of its sensible design elements which don’t just go for looks, but also are very utilitarian and completely functional. These Gucci handbags over here fulfil all of the above criteria and are designed to perfection.

These bags are timeless classics, which are perfect anytime and for any occasion. They are long-lasting and with a little bit of maintenance will remain new and bright for a long time to come. These are for the modern women and the most fashionable of the lot. And surely, they must belong to you.