Why should you encourage pretend play in children?

Keeping children engaged is an art. Mothers of younger children are always on the hunt for new ideas to encourage fun games that can also help the children learn essential skills. Pretend play is one of the most popular ways to keep children engaged for hours while also teaching them some valuable lessons to cherish. My daughter loves her sparkle mansion dollhouse and so do her friends. So I would always encourage moms to buy pretend play toys like dollhouses without any second thoughts. Here are some of the most popular benefits of pretend play:

  1. Improves their communication skills:

Pretend play activities would involve a lot of talking and conversing. This helps their language and overall communication development. It can enrich their vocabulary.

  1. It can teach them life lessons:

Social skills, concepts of sharing and lots more can be taught during pretend play. For example when they play with their dollhouse you can teach them the concept of daily routines. They would be able to relate it in real life and would be able to follow simple routines as well.

  1. It boosts their creativity:

With pretend play there are millions of ways to play. So it is all about letting your kids get creative. They get to let their imagination flow. They can come up with their own stories and scenes to play.

  1. It makes them independent:

With pretend play they learn to do small things by their own. So they would learn to become independent.

  1. They know to apply what they learn:

Pretend play toys like kitchen sets, tool kits, doctor sets and more would be ways to educate the kids about the practical application of these items in the day to day life. This is a learning that can help them in the long run.