Pet’s Care

If you have a service dog, you have to ensure that you take care of it well. You have to cater to a good balanced and healthy diet, proper sleeping space, and even a wardrobe. There are several factors which influence how you choose a wardrobe for your service dog. Some of the important ones are –

  • Weather

Depending on the climatic conditions and seasonal variations, you need to select clothing for your dog, Clothing includes mittens, shoes, caps, capes., vests, sweaters etc. In extreme conditions, the kind of material used to make the clothing also varies.

  • Size

There is a different kind of clothing available for different sizes and breeds of dogs. The ones with more fur require less clothing as compared to less furry dogs especially in winters.

  • Purpose

Special clothing is designed for dogs who are trained for special purposes. For such special categories of dogs’ special vests are designed. These hold good for police dogs, search and rescue dogs, therapy dogs, service dogs, emotional support dogs and many others.

Special patches are also available which need to be sewn on to the vest which mentions the exact kind of working that the dogs are trained for.

  • Lifestyle

If your dog needs to move outdoors often then it is advisable to choose to choose a material which has some reflective coating on it that makes it visible in the dark as well.

Harness Vests are the ones that are most popular as they are sturdy. These vests are padded and are made from water-resistant material as well. Harness Vests are most often designed along with the patches to clearly identify what kind of a working dog is the wearer of the vest. It even had the provision of welded rings to attach leashes and also for ID. This is a really comfortable vest for dogs of all sizes and breeds.