New parents guide for stuff they need to buy

Life will never be the same as the littlie munchkin arrives in the family. For a New Parent every small thing becomes a necessity, though they may not be absolutely required at a very early stage when a baby is born. After nine months of exciting journey a step into motherhood, all newbie’s are skeptical of detailing the entire process of parenting. There are prenatal classes, yoga sessions for the mommy to be fit and fine during and after child birth and counseling to handle the bundle of joy for working parents. The list is endless, thanks to social media, when in doubt; an answer is just a click away.

Grandparents and elders in the family are always giving tidbits of information to keep the new parents on their toe, while the basic things required when a baby arrives is:

  • A place to put the baby sleep, which could be a crib, with mattress to make the baby snuggle and sleep well.
  • Set of blankets to keep baby warm and bundle it as they are too small to handle, cotton thin sheets are best as they absorb the water.
  • Packs of diapers for the newborn, just 2-3 packs is more than enough to begin with,
  • Few sets of onsies for the baby, socks and a hooded towel to keep the baby warm

Social media is abuzz with customized packages, where all the content is as advised by health professionals, care givers, doctors where new parents should check this site out to get complete checklist for newborn essentials, which is delivered at your doorstep without any strain for you to step out from the comfort of home. Once the baby is home from the hospital, the period of adjustments starts, there may be pros at other things, but for a new parent, sleep becomes a premium, there are stages as the child grow, the parents to get into the routine. Baby gears, essentials, bathing solutions, all are available and within the reach of parents, but the joy of parenting itself is a milestone achieved for many.

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