Save On Bills by Buying the Right Bulbs

Can you imagine a world without electricity? With growing technology, our dependence on and consumption of electricity is increasing many folds. On an average, a regular home needs to allocate at least 5% of its earnings towards paying electricity bills. This amount can be reduced or controlled by changing the way we light up our homes. These days there are numerous energy-efficient lightings, such as halogen incandescent bulbs, compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) and light-emitting diodes (LED) that are available in the market to help with cost cutting.

Additionally, another important thing to remember is always update your lightings. Just as you buy the latest gadgets, make it a habit to update your home’s lighting systems as with every year, new and more energy saving options are released, that produces more light and saves up on electricity than the traditional ones.

Now the question is which one to choose?

Halogen Incandescent – These are a bit outdated, however, they are available in numerous colours and shapes and can be used as an attraction lighting as they meet only a minimum standard of energy efficiency standard.

Compact Fluorescent Lamps – CFL uses less power, about one-third the energy of a conventional halogen incandescent, hence can be used almost anywhere. However, these bulbs contain some amount of mercury in them; hence disposal should be done with utmost care.

Light Emitting Diodes – LEDs are currently trending now, as it is mercury free. Though it costs more, its benefits outweigh the initial investment. LEDs were rarely used and mostly limited to the use as indicators. However, they are now gaining acceptance and are being widely used in homes. LEDs are one of the most energy-efficient lighting systems that is currently available that utilise only about 20% – 25% of the total energy and have a longer shelf life.

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