Tips On How To Get Full Price For Your Jewellery

I have been asked this question quite often:

Everywhere that I go, I am frequently asked this question that how do I manage to get the best price for my diamond jewel. The answer my friend lies in the fact that you must in the first place have complete appraisal of the stones yourself.

Get the stone certified:

Hook up on a trusted institute to certify your stones for you. For a small payment or fees, they will test your stone on various parameters that the diamond industry follows for you to be able to get a complete lowdown on the stone that you possess. It is important that the institute is a reputed one and that the fact that you have delivered the stone to them is written down and a receipt is delivered to you forthwith.

There are websites that specialize in selling/buying diamond jewellery:

If you are looking to sell jewellery online, you must make sure that you get on to the right people. There are a lot of internet sites but all of them cannot be given a clean chit. The problem with online stores is that even though they offer you a world of convenience by letting you upload a pictures of the stone and its certifications, you can never know whether the site is a legit one or not. That is precisely why it is important that you do the background research before handing over valuable information on the internet.

The better the picture, the better the price:

Make sure to take a great picture of the stone. Try to get professional help in getting a winning picture. You can hook up with a website that will do all the preliminary work for you and consign your piece to a seller or to an auction and try and get the best price for your piece. They might charge you a small percentage on the sales but it will be worth all the trouble that you will not need to take!


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