Understand The Fraud Of Buying The Coin From Elsewhere

Ifit was so easy to get madden coins then be aware, it may be a phishing scheme where there are cheats posing as coin sellers and are givinggreatdeals to lure coin buyers and then steal their login information. The phishing scheme first engages the buyer in a transaction and then steals the buyer’s information to access the account and then snips everything from it. This is dangerous and will let the user compromise on all the accounts

As per rule, the virtual currency should be earned andspent only within the game. It should not in any way get affected by any outsidecurrency. When one buys coins it means acquiring a stolen content even if you have just bought the account from someone who has stolen it.

It is a violation of terms and service when you buy, sell or promote the coin selling. This will result in action against an account which could lead to a ban on the account.

It isimportant that you follow a few procedures in order to keepyour accountsafe. This will save your account from any phishing attempts and hackers or scams.

You can secure your account by:

  • Choosing a secured password –this should be unique and should be acombination of letters, number and special characters and capitalization
  • Do not share your password details even of the person is your closest friend. This will let you compromise on your account security
  • Free scams or offers should be avoided. Anything that you see that seems too good to be true, and then stay away from it. It can be a gimmick and may be just a way to steal your credentials.

There are strict rules that have been laid out in order to earn the coins fromthe auction house. It is against the rules to buy the mut coins and this could lead to you getting banned. It is important that you stay away from the cheats and keep the game fair and honest. This will let you make the Madden Ultimate team the best one.